Waterproof flooring is a great addition

Do your floors frequently look dirty and stained, no matter how regularly you’ve spent mopping them? We can help! Our high-quality waterproof flooring has the ideal combination of looks, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Final Touch Flooring & Interiors Ltd. offers an impressive collection of hard-wearing waterproof flooring at budget-friendly prices.

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Waterproof flooring will make your life easier

The solution to your floor troubles lies in our exceptional assortment of waterproof flooring. It can withstand spills or liquids and is remarkably simple to wash with only a damp cloth. Our waterproof floors aren’t just practical and effortless to upkeep; they’re also gorgeous to look at. From conventional to contemporary, there are many designs and styles to select from, so you’re bound to discover what you hope for within our tremendous selection.

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Excellent for bathrooms, kitchens, and more

Hard-surface floors are best for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. We offer hard-wearing, easy-maintenance waterproof vinyl flooring that works well in any area of your home where water is regularly utilized. They arrive in tile and plank designs, with a great selection of shades and textures that look like genuine wood or tiles. Due to a combination of the latest technology and advanced materials, you’ll never have to think about our superior quality waterproof floors curving, cracking, or warping, even in flood conditions. If you're hunting for a floor with excellent scratch resistance, waterproof vinyl flooring will meet your requirements once more. Due to a protective wear material, this flooring can easily stand up to scratches, scrapes, nicks, and dents.

How to get started

One: get a free estimate
Contact us, and our friendly team will be delighted to explain all about our assortment of flooring and offer you a free estimate.

Two: price and date
After you’ve picked your waterproof flooring, we'll provide you with a cost and agree on a timeframe for delivery and installation.

Three: we install your waterproof flooring
The important day has come! Our flooring technicians will begin installing your lovely, brand-new floor.

Four: final checks and warranty
After we install your floor, our crew will perform a final inspection to verify that you’re thrilled with everything. We will additionally discuss the care instructions and warranty for your waterproof floors.
Waterproof flooring in southern Saskatchewan from Final Touch Flooring & Interiors Ltd.

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We have an extensive selection from many different lines, so please give our dedicated team a call if you’d like any direction about which to select. They know everything about waterproof flooring and can help you choose the most suitable flooring for your home. People who purchase new floors expect them to last for years. Obviously, the quality of the products is vital, but so is the quality of the installation. Our knowledgeable specialists have years of experience and can install your flooring swiftly to the best standards. We invite you to see our collection of waterproof and water-resistant flooring. Stop by our Moose Jaw, SK showroom today! We serve southern Saskatchewan.